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Meeting Management

Annual Meeting Notification Coordination and Attendance, Architectural Committee Support, Governing Documents Maintenance

HOA Dues Facilitation

Invoicing and Collection, Delinquency Monitoring and Collection

Project Management and Supervision

Project Bid Coordination, Monitoring of Vendor Contracts and Common Area Maintenance, Supervision of On-Site Contractors, Site Inspections for CC&R Enforcement and Compliance

Financial Management & Tax Services

Tax Return Preparation, Financial Reports, Support for Budget Preparation, Coordination of Reserve Analysis, Transfer Process Management

About US
The Iconic Red Door

Historically, long before the automobile replaced the horse and buggy, a red door on a house, church, or other structure was a symbol of assistance, refuge, and safety. When weary travelers encountered a red door, they knew help and sanctuary was on the other side. Though times have changed, the philosophy behind the red door hasn’t. So, step inside, and tell us how we can help.


    We make available immediate online access to all relevant information so the Board will have complete transparency and visibility into your community’s affairs.


    Annual Meetings, Architectual Committee Managment, Dues Invoicing + Collection, Bid Coordination and Supervision of Onsite Contractors, CC&R Enforcement and Compliance, Financial Management & Tax Services, Insurance Management, Governing Documents Maintenance

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Our Team

Your home and community is one of your most valuable assets. The best way to protect this investment is to hire qualified professionals. Red Door HOA Management Group is a seasoned HOA management firm with over 20 years of combined experience, dedicated to enhancing communities across the Treasure Valley. With a focus on transparency, efficiency, and personalized service, we specialize in overseeing the day-to-day operations of HOAs, ensuring smooth functioning, proactive maintenance, and fostering positive resident experiences. Our team combines expertise in financial management, vendor relations, and community engagement to support and elevate the quality of life within each neighborhood we serve.
Amanda Al-Shawaf
For over ten years, Amanda Al-Shawaf has worn many hats from operations manager to auditor, but she’s most at home drawing on her human resource and accounting skills to help ensure Red Door’s list of clients get the most bang for their buck. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that takes more pride in their work than Amanda. She constantly looks for ways to streamline processes, save customers money, and provide the best service possible in the most time-efficient way she can.
Cindi Romans
As a Senior Corporate Paralegal for over 20 years, Cindi has experience in many areas of law such as real estate, compliance, interpretation of statutes , and corporate governance. She received her paralegal degree from the University of Akron where she was a member of the National Honor Society. Her desire for providing the highest level of customer service has set her apart throughout her career.

Why hire a HOA Management Company?

Everyone wants to live in a neighborhood that is well run and beautifully maintained. Most often, board members do not have the expertise in community management or the available time it takes to be able to successfully fulfill their fiduciary duty to the homeowners as provided in their governing documents. A professional management company brings more to the table than just enforcing HOA rules. They bring the necessary experience and expertise in association management which can be the difference between success and failure for a community. Here are a few reasons why hiring Red Door would be great for your community:

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